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Shock absorber bushing 1935 Dictator


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SI lists front and back shock absorber rubber bushings, 170200, for several models, but not 1935 Dictator. If I read the body parts book correctly, (which is doubtful) 170200 is for a 2A. Has anyone installed them on a 2A? Also it is assumed that the shock absorber can leak beyond repair, does anyone rebuild them, and what fluid is used? Who might have them if SI does not? Ken, Deltaville, Va

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I know nothing about 1935 shocks, but found perfect shocks for my 37 at the local NAPA dealer, brand new. I guess they are probably a lot different but posting this for what it is worth.

37 had tube shocks. 35 are houdi style. Apple rebuilt my 35 pres shocks. I usually rebuild my own but got surprised on the 35 style with crimped on domes.

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