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1932 by the Bay


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These were taken of Eleanor, my 1932 Buick 8-86, at the last car show of the season in Sausalito, CA, in October of this year. Turned out to be 102 that day and driving back home watched the temperature gauge rise, but didn't overheat, except for a tablespoon or two once she was pulled into the garage. The name Eleanor? That was the original owners name that owned the car until the mid '90's when she passed. The car took best restoration. A big surprise against $250,000 cars. Goes to show, that Buick's of this era, are still good looking cars!




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Thanks for the compliments. Billy, we get pretty warm in Marin County. Not uncommon for us to be in the low 100's during the summer. Hottest we've been here in Marin was 112. San Francisco 103 a few years ago. This year was particularly warm. Here it is, early December and have yet to use the heater. Turned on the fireplace in the morning, but during the day we are still in the mid to high 60's. Now, after years of drought, we're getting flooded out! J

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Beautiful car, those early 30,s Victoria Coupe,s with the built in trunk are one of my favourite Buicks. I,ve never seen one in Aust, If you ever come across an older restoration or unrestored one for sale, let me know.


Only 1500 were made and only a handful are known to exist. I don't know if any were ever made for export to Australia or the UK. J

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