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F/S: 1963 Riviera Dealer Promo in Silver Cloud Metallic


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Time to sell this 1963 Riviera promo I've had for over 30 years. It would make a very nice gift for someone at the holidays. This Riv is factory Silver Cloud Metallic in color. This dealer promo is very straight. It is not perfect, but I would rate it around 8.0 to 8.5 on the generally-accepted promo grading scale. It is 100% complete. The chrome pieces are very good, as is the front and back "glass". The vent window posts are intact and not warped in any way. This promo features the '63 Turbine Wheel hubcaps. The interior is black. The chassis is also black.

The metallic color Riviera promos all have actual painted bodies, not molded-in color. The original paint on this Riv promo I'm selling is generally very good. There are a few very minor marks here and there. Of special note is one paint rub on the center rear area of the roof. I've shown this in a photo. The only other thing I can think to mention is that the prior owner (many years back) placed a thin bead of clear plastic cement on either side of the black chassis, where the chassis floor pan meets the rocker panel. This bead of clear cement is not visible when the car is displayed in its normal position. You can only see it if you turn the promo over. I actually didn't notice it being there for years! I can only think that the prior owner was worried about the promo warping over time, and thought he was doing something to prevent that from happening.

This '63 Riv promo has been displayed in a clear plastic case for as long as I've owned it. So, the car hasn't been subjected to countless dustings over the years. I will include this plastic case free of charge with the promo.

I've been tracking the eBay prices realized for silver 1963 Riv promos in similar (or worse!) condition for a number of months. With that info in mind, I believe a price of $175 represents a good value for the promo I'm selling. The actual cost of insured shipping is extra. Your personal check, a money order, or PayPal all work fine for payment. Thanks for looking. John









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