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Looking for parts 1924 Studebaker Special Six, steering wheel, gas tank, dbl flanged hub, cowl light


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I am still in the market for the following items that fit a 1924 Studebaker special six:

1. A wood steering wheel for a Studebaker special six, I have attached a picture of what my steering wheel curently looks like. It is 18" in diameter.

2. A rear double flanged hub (pictured)- either side is fine, only need one but would be willing to buy two if you have them available.

3. Gas tank for a 1924 special six.

4. Cowl lights, I have some parts to the right side but am missing the entire drivers side cowling light assembley.

If you happen to have any of these items, have seen one at a swap meet, or could point me in the direction I might be able to find one, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again, John (530)781-3340





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Mike here in Sellersville PA. I have a 1923 Studebaker touring parts car with some parts you need. I have a cowl, the ight lenses you are looking for and a gas tank and hubs. Give me a call at 267-347-4026. Thanks Mike

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