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Riviera License Plate: Genuine BUICK

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Hi, Gang. I have a unique Buick Division Riviera License Plate for sale. It would make a great Christmas present for somebody (or somebody's wife!). This is a genuine BUICK item, not an aftermarket piece.

I purchased a number of these about 15 years ago. They originally came from a person who had worked with the advertising agency that handled the 1990 new model introduction at major city car shows around the country. These plates were used on the factory Buicks being displayed at the shows. At one time, I had one plate for each model in the line-up displayed on my shop wall (Reatta, Century, Skylark, etc.). They were neat! I don't know if these plates were ever made available to Buick dealerships.

This Riviera plate was installed on one of the display Rivieras, so it may have a small dimple here or there. But overall, this plate is in very good condition (no scratches and no mounting hardware marks. The white area on the tail of the "a" is camera flash.). This is the LAST ONE I have available. The price is $80, plus shipping. Your personal check, a money order, or PayPal all work fine for payment. Thanks for looking. John


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