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It seems that we've been on a bit of a British car streak lately, and this cute 1947 MG TC is the latest. I'm not quite sure where to put this car in terms of condition, because there's quite a bit that's excellent and a few things that need tending. The car actually spent the last 10 years as static art in the owner's living room and has been recently recommissioned for road duty by one of the better mechanics in our area. While it was sitting, it was drained of fluids and was obviously in a climate-controlled environment. However, I don't believe the car has ever had a full restoration but rather maintained and restored as necessary. There's probably one repaint in its past, a replacement interior in tan vinyl, and a newer top, but I doubt the body has ever been apart and the chassis is quite original. And yes, it is right-hand drive, like a proper British sports car should be.

From 10 feet away, the paint looks great. From 5 feet, it looks OK, and up close there are swirls, scratches, and blemishes. It's presentable and in decent driver condition, but it is by no means a show car and it probably looks better in photos than it actually is. The fenders and hood fit well and I can find no evidence of rust anywhere on the car, so it's in good shape there. The doors fit well although they don't latch very tightly, which is because the striker plates are a little loose. The chrome is decent and probably original throughout the car, with the radiator shell being excellent. The headlight buckets are a bit scuffed and there's a dent in the back of the left one, but I do like the sporting screens on the lenses that give it a rally-ready look. You'll note that one of the radiator grille slats is missing and we don't have it--it's not broken off, it's just gone.

The tan interior is vinyl and looks approximately like what it might have looked like when it was new. The carpets are tired and threadbare, possibly original, and the door panels are in good shape. The wood dash is excellent and all the gauges are operational and I especially like the tachometer and speedometer faces--lovely! Once you're situated behind the 4-spoke banjo wheel, it's actually pretty comfortable, although the urge to reach out and touch the pavement is persistent. There's a folding canvas top that's in good shape, although it has shrunk a little bit and needs some extra muscle to latch it to the windshield--some time in the hot sun will probably cure this particular malady.

The engine is a good runner, it starts right up, and idles well thanks to the recent service. It runs, drives, stops, and steers pretty well. The brakes are new, including master cylinder, flex lines, and wheel cylinders, and all the fluids are fresh. The engine looks so good that I'm guessing it's been out and rebuilt at some point and it doesn't smoke, although it does leak from the rear main seal a bit, which might get better with some driving--it sat for 10 years, after all. The chassis is original and grungy, but it's not rusty or damaged and there are no big deviations from stock beyond the modern replacement muffler. Just before going into the living room, it received a set of chrome wire wheels and brand new tires which are still like new, and the original wheels are included with the sale.

This would be an excellent candidate for a show-quality restoration and it wouldn't break the bank because it's in such good shape. Alternatively, fix it up a bit as you go and have a fun rally car that has a wonderful old world look that needs no fussing. It's somewhere in between fixer-upper and high-quality driver right now and needs a push in either direction. Prices on these have been moving up fairly aggressively lately, so we're asking $29,900 which will leave the new owner room to fix things and still come out ahead financially. Thanks for looking!














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