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1951 Dodge Coronet Sedan LH Thread Lug Studs

Busted Knuckle

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Hello: I'm new and this is my first post here. I'm working on a '51 Coronet Sedan that has been passed down in our family. I need to replace several of the LH thread lug studs. Where do I buy new studs - are they commonly available at the chain autoparts stores? How do I remove the old ones and install the new ones? Are they pressed in?

Thank you for your kind support! :)

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typically they are lightly hammered in from the inside of the drum. part of the stud shaft is ribbed and that is what holds them in. they are not pressed in. if you heat the hole around the stud on the outside but not the stud itself it should come out by hitting it lightly with a hammer. new ones are available at most auto parts store,rock auto, jc whitney, ebay, and many other places. tractor supply may have them. you can replace them with right hand studs if you cannot find the lefties. repair manuals are good to have but may not cover this procedure. skyler

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