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I have a buick with a king seely guage that is not working.Most of the parts are being reproduced I think m. blair 3000 warren Rd, Indiana 15701, USA has most of the parts.I have been told that auto transmission fluid works fine for the replacment fluid for the guage.And will not evaporate .Im not sure about the weight problem but this fluid is added with a dropper you may have to add a little more to compensate.In any case I will let you Know how it works.Here is another supplier of guage parts for king seely Joe Krepps 407-636-8777 FL, USA Hawleywood

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There was a great discussion about 90 days ago in this very subject as I had problems with the same. I can tell you from experience that trasmission fluid does not work well. Track back to that discussion " 1928 Pontiac Fluid Gas Guage" or something similiar and you'll get a good education on the subject.<P>===JIM===

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