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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and there families, may it be a safe and happy one!!! I am thankful for all the friends I have here and the knowledge and camaraderie that is shared.

And be sho to watch dem Dawgs whoop up on dem Yellow Jackets!!!! Whoof whoof whoof......

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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! Thanks to ALL who have made the car hobby what it is today . . . past, present, and future. The future will certainly be "a different place" than in the past, but it WILL continue to be "a place" which engenders fond memories of the more simpler life of the decades in which our favorite vehicles were dreamed-about, built, and aspired-to-own by then-current and future generations of owners. "Thanks for the memories . . . " and thanks to those who help to preserve those memories and the vehicles related to them!

Earlier this morning, I read an email link from www.nationalmemo.com . There was an article about discussions which take place over Thanksgiving meals with relatives. What was equally as interesting as the article, were the many comments others added after reading it. Many things many of us have experienced over the years at family Thanksgiving meals. THOSE memories!

Growing up, these family holiday events were prime times to see what everybody else was driving! New cars "in the family" were always of interest. Both of my parents each had about 4 siblings, so there was a good deal of diversity to look at (vehicle-wise), as everybody experienced the economic cycles of their lives. Also, a good time to see things "in person" that I'd read about in car magazines of the time, too! The look, the sounds, the styles . . . all a good thing to look forward to after "adult talk" at the meal table!

In more recent times, the talk has seemed to turn to "health issues" and who can't eat what (or how much), though. But, it seems, I'm just in that "part of the cycle" right now. Yet the inner passion for cars is still there, as always, as are the multitudes of memories of the cars and the people who related to them (and also the people who kept them running great for us!).

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! And a good nap after the meal, too!

Willis Bell 20811


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