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Announcing the 1937 Buick at the 1936 Sales Convention - It's Buick Again

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I wrote a little article on the Sales Convention from Sept. 29 - Oct. 5, 1936. Here is where they unveiled the 1937 line to attending dealers and salesmen. It seems they had their fair share of "Rah-Rah" speeches but those are pretty interesting on their own. They even had quite a closing dinner, complete with turtle soup! What strikes me about this convention is that it apparently ran from a Monday to the next Monday. I think that would be odd today.

Here is the link: The Car Geek Journal – ’37 Buick: It’s Buick Again

If you don't go to my site, enjoy the attached scan of the banquet program cover. This program & the speech transcripts were all found in the Buick Heritage Alliance collection housed in the AACA Library, Hershey, PA.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!



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I didn't mean anything negative about other brands, Mark. When I wrote that part about the "fancy ice cream" my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek! It was more of a dig at the menu author. I mean really, what is the difference between regular & fancy ice cream?! :-). Thanks for reading!!

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I read the article and I like all of it but the part about the other brands. I to own other brands too.

I would like to see more and Specialty about the year before "1936" that's the year I own. Thanks for time to put this togather. This is good "STUFF " THANKS Bud

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