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1927 Dodge Brother Four Screen


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Hello all....

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Anyway, need s little help.

We have a 28 Screenside and up until now the Distributor has been secured so that the Adance / Retard lever was not used. Well we decided to fix that and now we have it working so the Spark can be retarded or advanced and I need a quick class on the proper operation. Where should I have the lever when I start the truck? when do I know that I need to adjust, advance vs retard. Which way to I move the lever for Advance?

If someone can give me some advise on its operation I would be really grateful.

Thank you and I can be emailed at juantejeda@yahoo.com.

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Yes it does help, a little. Our truck is a smaller truck, I believe it is a 1/4 ton, maybe 1/2 ton. The spark control is a lever and is behind the Throttle Control lever. I am not sure is the lever should go CW or CCW for Advancing the spark. And when it is in the full CW position is that full Spark and Full CCW the Retard position? Right now it is about 1/2 inch from the full CW position and it seems to start fine and seems to running smooth, but I have not actually driven it, as of yet, so I am not sure how it actually drives in this position. Don't know how much difference the ambient temperature makes, but we are in the Central California area and temperatures are pretty mild. Usually somewhere between the low 50's and low 80's. Once the engine is running hot and in Parade conditions, should the Spark be advanced or retarded, or do you just play it by ear?

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