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'48 Continental Trunk Pan


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There is a gap between the trunk pan and the body at the rear of the trunk and I'm wondering what goes in it to seal the opening. The trunk pan is fastened to the body with two tabs welded to the body. The tabs have pulled out of the trunk body.Also wondering if some deformation has occurred. I can see no evidence of the frame or any of the sheet metal in the trunk area being bent or deformed.

There also seems to be some sort of material between the windshield frame and the cowl. Can I seal the gap with seam sealer?

Any thoughts?Thanks in advance.












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Your pictures are very good, and is the car primed or has it been sandblasted? I'am also working on a '48 LC Coupe( #1332). These cars were basically hand cobbled

together. Your trunk is far better than is in my car. If you poke around you will noticed that it is some kind of asphalt junk from the factory. You maybe able to save the

trunk floor, but some patch panels. Do you have the ss strip that goes across the back behind the spare tire?. This was used to help cover the factory seam , somewhat.

One story I read it was added so they could move the car along and not spend so much labor time on leading and finishing. My '42 LC cab . did not have it.

Now that seam at the cowl, you will never make that smooth because the cars have 2 different materials used here. The windshield frame is cast aluminum and the

cowl is sheet steel-- 2 different expansion rates. I think the best thing is clean out completely and seal with a paintable , flexable sealer . Body shop and auto paint stores

carry it. I have used a 3M product. Keep us posted on your progress and send more pictures.

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Guest 39 Pickup

The floor pan of a Continental is a modified Zephyr pan. In the front, foot rests are added, and in the rear the floor is cut away to allow for the spare outside tire. Both Continentals that I had, had excess space between the floor and the rear body panel. It appeared that 1 inch strips of jute were stuffed into this space and sealant was pushed in to fill the gap and waterproof the area. On the windshield, there is a thin strip of cloth between the windshield (aluminum) and the cowl (steel)to seal the joint and separate the dissimilar metals.

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