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What size radials will fit and not rub on a 1949 Buick Roadmaster or 1949 Super?

Dan O

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I have searched the site and can't find anything specific so here goes. I want to run radials on my 76C and wonder what size tires can be run on the car and not rub the fenders. I see the P235/75R15 and the P225/75R 15 are close. Anyone have any practical experience applying these to there 1949 Roadmaster or 1949 Super? I am probably going with the All American bias-ply look radial but cannot find any user reviews on them. Thanks for any input.[TABLE]

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[TD=class: item, width: 55%, align: left]<!--START: itemnamelink-->Goodyear P235/75R15 - 3 1/4" Whitewall[/TD]



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I have the very tire you linked: Goodyear radial wide white, 235/75x15 on the original 15x6 wheels on my '49 Roadmaster Sedanet. Performs perfectly, no rubs even with wheels cranked hard over to park. Smooth as silk on the road, and really not appreciably increased steering effort, as some observe when changing from the original bias ply to wider radials. I would get them again.

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. . . What are you guys doing in regards to selecting and running the correct & safe rims designed for radials as many of your older O.E.M. stock wheels (yes they will roll with radials on them ) however are in many aspects a poor design candidate for radials tire use. Just some food for thought.

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