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many prblems but one at a time.... dash panel buttom lights...

what is it?

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i have an 88 and i have a whole host of weird little problems. and i will do one at a time. the dash lights.... sometimes when you open the door to get in they come on but as soon as you start it they dont come back. and its maybe once every 10 times you get in it that they go on at all until you start the car.

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Guest PontiacDude210

There are several lights in the dash on an 88. Very few necessarily run with the door open as well as when the key is on. Sounds like a connection issue. Do you know about the splices? Search function is wonderful.

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Guest Mc_Reatta
poorly written or not reading carefully? cuz i wrote it just like it happens.

Both work for me. You describe two separate albeit related problems with the pod lights.

Ronnie supplied the information to look into why the "show" is intermittent, and his site also has the instructions for figuring out why the pod lights don't come on at night.

They are part of the dimming circuit. Here is the link to that tutorial:


Since they do come on with the "show" most likely culprits are the headlight switch or twilight photocell.

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Although I did misunderstand the original question, I will add that if you have a bad photocell, pushing the dimmer slider for the instrument panel toward the right might make the instrument panel light up of everything else is working properly. Someone could have pushed it all the way to the left. It's worth a try.

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