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55 Roadmaster power seat brace.

Paul Falabella

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My original thought was that the bar in the last two pics. was a footrest. It may just be a brace for the power seat. Or do all Roady front seats have this brace? Whatever it is was covered with the narrow wool nap carpet on the right. Can anyone with a 55(maybe 54 and 56 too) roady take a look under the rear of the front seat, if this bar is there and what it's covered with? Caddy's and Old's may be similar. SMS agrees the original carpet is a Daytona, but are not sure of this wool carpet on the bar. They can do either one. Would like to get it right the first time.





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I think that bar is covered so that you don't see the bar from the back seat when the power seat is in the "all the way up" position. My Century wagon had that and I ripped it out when I redid my carpet, since the seat is always as far down and back as I can put it. Mine was Daytona covering the bar.

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