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33-34 plymouth parts on ebay part ID ended auction

Abe Lugo

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So I missed out on this auction, it had a lot of small bits I don't have.

I like that there was a set of dash knobs and they matched

Also the firewall parts, but I think that rubber piece is reproduced anyhow.

I notice these parts may have been bid up because of the windshield knobs and mounts. Those I know they are remade, but I would like to have originals.

But can someone tell me what are the windshield corner pieces and where do they go? is it an interior part? Can it be seen or does it have rubber cover it?

Can some post a picture of it on their car?

The parts lot went for about 116.00 if any one need to know.

I bid just under it. Again I didnt win, just want to ID some parts


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As indicated, those two pieces are found on 33s and 34s (the other parts in your photos are from a 33) go on the lower front corner of the door jamb, tacked into the A-pillar wood trim and screwed with one slotted sheet metal screw into the floor steel. Photo of one installed in a 2-door sedan is attached, the small black item at the corner of the door. These are also reproduced and hard to tell from the originals.post-89602-143142843661_thumb.jpg

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