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1926 Dodge Brothers for sale

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I'm helping an acquaintance sell his 1926 Dodge Brothers four door sedan. The usual story, he's not up to date in his computer skills. He bought this car when he graduated from college and it's basically been sitting ever since - a lot of years, but in a garage and under cover. The motor turns but it's not running. It had had a home restoration when he bought it. The seats are redone in vinyl, not original, but a pretty nice job. The body looks good and very straight. The fenders need some work - there is some bondo showing through the paint, but they are not too bad. Some surface rust on the fenders, but not much. The car is complete. He says he has the moto-meter, but has to find it at the moment.

The pictures are not the greatest, but they are all he has at the moment.













It's the same old story - he's kept it all these years with the intention of getting it on the road, but time and money have run out and he needs to sell the car. He has affection for the old beast and would like it to go to a Dodge fan who would keep it as original as possible. It looks like a good candidate to get running and then you could work on the cosmetics while you were driving and enjoying the car. The body paint and interior are certainly serviceable at the moment.

The car is located in central Illinois, just west of the Indiana border off Interstate 74. He's asking $5700, but it's negotiable. At this point, I think he's more interested in finding the car a good home. PM me for his phone number and you can give him a call if you're interested.

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I learned something today.......I didn't realize 1925 was the last year for the starter/generator....... :)

Nice car........nicer deal!

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It's funny, reading the ad I was thinking "that's an entry level car, maybe worth 5000 tops" just knowing the whole time there'd be some silly price, but no! A fair asking price! Well done, hope it finds a good home.....

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According to my instruction manual the change (to the 6 volt 2 unit system) was made "during the latter part of 1926".

That's a little gem. It would be such a shame if it ended up in the wrong hands. They don't get much better than this for an introduction to our hobby.


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