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1951 Chevy 2-Dr Deluxe AM Radio Qstn


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Just started working on my car and found radio to be not working (knew it for a while just decided to get original one working.) Found the tubes to be blown and a couple other little things... Does anyone know of a replacement (OE or similar) or someone around Northern COlorado that can repair? Also looking for resto/reman/etc parts for the rest of the vehicle... respond off-list to tjsectek@msn.com if possible. Thanks!!!!

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the tubes are quit common for these radios, I have foung most of the time the problems are with the old capactors that have dryed out over the years, the best thing to do is replace all the old paper caps with mylar types, and will make it a lot more realiable.. Some librarys even have the service manuals. Askinner@yesis.com

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