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Lycoming Engine Owners: What's Your Oil Pump Made Of???

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One of the Lyc late 20s-early 30s truck engines, the CT 4cyl, used in some IH trucks and others, came with a potmetal or similar construction oil pump that tends to crack and expand in it's mounting, so that it's been known, in attempts to remove, to come out in pieces...

(A) If you have any of THE OTHER 4cyl "C" ENGINE LINE---C, CE, CF, CH,CU, C4--series, and maybe more---OR

(B) If you have ANY period Lyc engine, and you've had your engine apart enough to see the oil pump, would you advise if it looked like potmetal or similar, or had visible cracks or deterioration??

IT WOULD APPEAR this disintegrating oil pump problem is limited to the CT and/or possibly other "C" engines, simply because there's no general mentions of Lyc oil pump problems...any comments appreciated. many thxx!! Bud

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