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1949 Hillegass Sprint Car $39,500

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The car offered here was one of the first three tube frame Hillegass sprint cars built in 1949, and is one of two so-called “wide body” cars. It was built for Tom Concannon from Long Island, New York who raced it throughout New York, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland from 1949 through 1959, showing remarkable longevity of both the car and the driver.

It was originally powered by an Ardun overhead valve cylinder head equipped Ford V8 but was re-engined for the 1959 season with a Studebaker overhead valve V8 and that is how it has been restored. The engine is a 1956 Studebaker 259 cubic inch V8 bored forty-over to give 265 cubic inches displacement. The carburetion is a Rochester Quadrajet and sparks are provided by an electronic ignition module. Rod and main bearing sizes are standard Studebaker, and there is an oil filter. It has a stock Studebaker electric starter cranking a Studebaker flywheel on which is mounted a 49-51 Mercury pressure plate and Ford clutch plate driving a Ford 3-speed transmission. Brakes are ’40 Ford juice drums front and rear, with Dayton knock-off wire wheels.

Prepared to modern safety standards, it has an onboard fire system, seat belt and a battery disconnect switch.

It has been restored as a vintage dirt track racer, with a shaker screen in front of the radiator to intercept and shake off clods of clay. It is finished in yellow and black, with brown leather upholstery in the driver’s office. An AACA certified historic race car, it has certificate number 212 making it eligible for a number of highly enjoyable events.

Restored to a consistently high standard of fit, finish and function, this is a recognized historic race car of distinction. Historian Lynn Paxton of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing has accounted for thirty surviving Hillegass sprint cars out of an estimated 38 built, a survival rate which – like the Concannon Car offered here – points to the quality and reliability of the cars and the success which journeyman racers had with them. Racers are very practical people. A car that wins races and doesn’t cost a lot to maintain is a keeper.

Located in SE Connecticut and offered at $39,500. This is a lot of car for the money.





















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