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Video: Driving around New York City in 1928

Guest Magoo

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Here's a great little film about the streets of New York---but with a wonderful surprise. With its great glimpses of the streets and cars of the time, it's a valuable historical artifact for us gearheads. But at around the one-minute mark, we discover what this clip really is: an excerpt from the 1928 silent film classic Speedy, starring the great Harold Lloyd. Fun and educational: what more could we ask?

Video: Driving around New York City in 1928 | Mac's Motor City Garage.com


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You KNOW you're going for a ride when Harold Lloyd is around........ :rolleyes:

Joe.......that Market Place video is almost mesmerizing........I don't know how many times I've watched it.

Did you see the three boys chasing a car and later you see them hitching a ride on the back of different cars. Must have been a game they played back then and the excitement of riding on a horseless carriage.

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To me the stunts are amazing, especially knowing there were no special effects or CGI.

Speaking of which , and Harold Lloyd , have you ever seen " Safety Last " ? As a kid in the late '40s and early '50s , I lived near the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Some of you will remember the re-created street scene set , dimly lit with gas lamps. A couple of very ancient Horseless Carriages , one a high wheeler ( International ?) were parked on the brick street. The Nikelodeon would often feature " Safety Last ". I couldn't get enough of it. I once saw another film of his where he somehow finds himself high above the city streets on the steel framing of a skyscraper under construction. What is the name of that one ? See these movies. A very nice collection of cool old cars down in the basement of the museum , included my childhood favorite , a green top down Rolls-Royce. Dual cowl , as I remember , original , aging gracefully , about a 1930 or so. Memories ! Some aspects of growing old are very pleasant. Happy family Thanksgiving , all. -Carl

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"Joe in Canada," that 1906 film of driving down

Market Street in San Francisco, just 4 days before

the earthquake destroyed most of the streetscape,

is fascinating! Looking online, I see that film is

considered a historical treasure and was even featured

on CBS' 60 minutes. Thanks very much for pointing it out!

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Here is another video you might also want to see. A video montage of early car racing accidents called How I Killed Myself When I Was Young. It makes you wonder how these guys raced cars back then before roll bars, seat belts, and hard helmets. You thing about it and they took decade's for driver safety but not for performance improvement. http://vimeo.com/20247765

I wonder what was going through the guys mind when he falls out of his race car tries to get back in when his car gets hit again and so he runs off the track. You will not see that at the brick yard now a days.

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