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help for boyfriends birthday?


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im doing this off of my phone so no idea if it will work. but its my boyfriends birthday in 2.5 weeks and im trying to think of something he would really like and the only thing related i can think of is he likes old cars... so i googled nd came here to post a question. based on just getting into it what are some ideas of something i can get him that costs no more then $100 but would be something hed like for his birthday that has to do with old cars?

will try to post a picture of him to off this but no idea if it will work

thanks!! :)

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What kind and year car does he have? That would help us. Some non car specific ideas are

Wood machinist tool box (every garage with a vintage car needs one)

Vintage clothing from the era that his car is from (eBay has loads of neat clothes)

License plate topper

Have an artist do a painting or pencil drawing of his car

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Some things my wife and kids have come up with for me:

A polo shirt with a picture of my car monogrammed on the back.

A custom front license plate for the front of my car,

A car themed wall clock for my garage wall.

Gift cards for the auto parts stores I frequent.

A car detailing kit

A nice diecast model car for my collection. Wife found one that almost matches my car down to the color.

Gift cards for the stores that sell the tools I need to work on my car.

A nice set of framed collectable automobile art prints.

A set of fold up chairs with attached sunshades that we use for cruise-ins and shows.

Hope this helps:


1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Town Sedan

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Twenty-four years ago my son was eight years old and gave me a 9/16 NAPA auto parts combination wrench. My wife and he had walked to the store and picked it out. She remembered that I would say 1/2" and 9/16" wrenches liked to hide from me. It probably cost about $8.

The wrench is hanging in size order on a hook with a line of other brands. I never look at or touch the wrench without thinking about him.

To do the same thing today he would have to get me a 14 MM wrench. 13's and 14's like to hide now.

If he is a car guy he'd be amazed at how you thought of that. Gifts never have to be big.


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