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It should have a dust cover. Although it would have come with one it is not a critical part today if it lives a collector car life or even does things like my signature picture shows.

Over the years the majority of the cars I have greased for the first time have water in the grease cover. I use close to a full tube of grease on my first lube job.

On that first greasing I peel back the edge of the seal and pump grease in, first seeing water cum out, then darkened old grease. I pump until fresh grease comes out. It can take 10 or more pumps to do a good flush. I lot of guys give two or three and watch the seal "plump" up. I did that because the old timers said to be careful about the seal. Then I found out the thing was full of water anyway.

Giving a thorough flush and regular greasing after assures fresh grease with no trapped water and minimal entrained dirt. Twice a year on a car driven 1,000 miles is good.


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Thanks Bernie for the info

I am waiting for my chassis manual to turn up in the mail ,which should answer alot of my questions...

I have noticed that BUICK FARM advertise dust covers for the 57 ball joints but there is NO picture of the cover....

I have tried to email them but the website will NOT except my information as I'm not from USA :( I just want to make sure that they are the correct parts as shipping is a killer !!!!!


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I would like to update my ball joint issue and say a BIG thank;) you to Doug at Buick Farm for all his help ... He kindly sent me a email with the photos of the covers which are the same as the ones on the car:Dpost-100760-14314283706_thumb.jpg here is the photos of the covers that he stocks



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