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A new Pierce Arrow in my driveway!


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  • 5 months later...

I imagine that wagon manufacturer just appropriated the Pierce-Arrow

name and logo for its toy; but is there any chance that this wagon

was a Pierce company-related item that showrooms offered for the

children of customers? If so, you'd have a desirable and rare piece!

The fact that the logo is so close to the car-maker's makes me wonder.

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post-31482-143143079709_thumb.jpgNo, it wasn't made by the George N. Pierce company, nor the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company...it was an outside concern, that just used the name....but it's just fun to me to have different things that say Pierce Arrow on them! I even have a vacuum cleaner that has the Pierce logo, possibly custom made for a dealership or, hopefully, the factory!
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Great to have a new P-A at the Coco Homestead -- congratulations!!

Hopefully Dale and I can stop by for a few minutes in between the AACA Meets at Virginia Beach and Auburn for a personal viewing 2 weeks from tomorrow or so.

PS: We will likely have the '15 Hudson Six-40 in the trailer.

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