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6 Volt Alternator replacement for 40's style GM generator


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Unless you're a purist, which you obviously aren't, why not seek out a higher output generator?

You'll keep a period look and save a ton of money....... ;)

LED lights are a moot point when it comes to energy usage.........amazing things!

OR.......take a look at that >>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Powermaster-82096-Universal-PowerGEN-Alternator-75A-6-Volt-Positive-Ground-Black-/390501001027

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I put a Buick generator in a 1 ton Chev panel,,' 51 I think

The regulator didnt match,,,so they said,,,HOWEVER,,

When the lights were turned on,,,,It charged more

That is , it balenced the lamps AND more,,!!!,Is there a

engineer that can put light on that one,,,Cheers,,Ben

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