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1935 Deluxe Coupe HELP ME


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I am new to the forum so thank you in advance for any help and direction. I need a little better understanding of a car that I just purchased as a barn find. I know its a 1935 Chevrolet Deluxe Master Coupe and it appears to be completely original and in very good condition. I am just having some trouble tracking down the data to confirm. I did locate the original vin tag on the passenger side floor board and its legible and so is the firewall tag. No major rust issues and the side boards are in solid condition! So back to the task at hand.

VIN tag# 4EA0520792

Firewall info: Style35-1017 1935 and the what is 1017?

Body# F2227 ???

Trim 48 ???

Paint 184 Deco Black?

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Check out the following website and it may answer some of your questions about decoding the data plate: http://www.chevyclassicsclub.com/wp-content/themes/chevyclassicsclub/pdf/tech0112.pdf

For style the 35 identifies the car as a 1935 and the 1017 identifies the specific body style as a Coupe. In the VIN number the EA also verifies the car is a 1935 and specifically the Master Deluxe.

For the Body # F2227 the F is for the location the car was made and in your case the F is for Flint, Michigan. I believe the 2227 means it was the 2227th body produced at the Flint plant. Each plant started with number 1 and ran the numbers sequentially through the last body for the year.

The trim identifies both the interior fabric style and color.

Paint 184 is Black, but is should also identify any pin stripe and wheel colors. I am not sure what they are for a 1935 Chevrolet 184 paint code but my may be able to find with a web search of "1935 Chevrolet paint codes".

If you don't get an answer to your other questions on this website, post the questions on the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) forum under the section that covers 1935 Chevrolets and they should be able to answer your questions since they may have a lot more 1935 Chevrolet experts than you will find here.


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35 was kind of a special year on the Master series. It has suicide doors all the way around. The Filling Station in Lebanon Oregon can provide you with reproduction owners manuals and other technical data along with most parts you may need. There are early six cylinder tours in different parts of the country sponsored by the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America open to pre 37 Chevrolets. I can tell you from experience that they are a lot of fun.

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Hello Absolutenick, I have an original service manual compilation from a long time members estate. Ranges from 1929 to 1940. Paint code 184 lists the "hood black, hood molding black, stripes gold bronze, wire wheels black, cream medium, or aurora red, steel wheels black, steel wheel stripe gold bronze, instrument panel depression walnut transfer". All other parts on that particular paint combination were listed as black. The only other color mentioned were for the sport roadster top bow irons of cordova brown.

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