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inormation on chrysler brake needed


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the Pics enclosed show outer band brakes of the '33 Chrysler Indy car and another Racer/Special that was for sale over here recently.

Are those brakes off a production car or one off parts for racecars?

i'd like to get a set of those brakes.....

Thanks in advance





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Both of our 28 model 72s have that exact set up with a tube front axle. I think it is the last year for the external bands but the 29 model 75 was supposed to be mechanically the same with changes to the sheet metal so...? We are thinking of selling the coupe and maybe I'll make a speedster out of the parts car. I have a line on a 3.90 rear end for it which should make it pretty hot for an 85 year old car.

A fellow we know made a speedster out of a Hall-Scott fire truck engine. He used the axles/brakes off of a Diamond T truck which look the same but on steroids. I think our drums are 12" and his look to be 14" or 15" in other words HUGE, but so is the whole thing with that engine. He named it Zeus. I have a couple of pictures if someone would post them.

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