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I'm taking a long shot here, but I am looking for expertise. I purchased a one owner Crosley "Super" Hotshot in Florida. Got a number of pictures which I will post as soon as I can. I am however looking to my fellow Crosley fans for any documentation that I can find. To my previous knowledge, there were no Crosley roadsters that had carpeting in them from the factory. All had a pebble finish rubber matting on the floor. This car, however, is purported to be an unmolested model and has a factory appearing one piece edge trimmed, form fitting carpet with molded pieces in it. It also has the same carpet in the "trunk" section as well as over the wheel wells. It is a fact that Crosley took several cars to various auto shows that were specially trimmed and outfitted for those shows that were subsequently sold to the public.

I am searching for any documentation that anyone may have on Crosleys, particularly roadsters that were fitted with carpeting from the factory. Any and all help will be sincerely appreciated!!

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