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1935 Pontiac - knee action suspension

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I responded earlier but my reply evidently didn't take. Try applehydraulics.com they offer rebuild services and can get parts as needed. Also, Vauxhall used the Dubonnet system in some of their cars so there might be someone in Oz who has a parts source. A good article on rebuilding the units can be found at www.antiqueautoarchive.com/.../<wbr>kneeactionpdfcompressed.pdf pretty complete article which would help a lot when you tear into your units. Good luck


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Thanks for the reply Joe, I have emailed apple to see if they will supply me the necessary parts. Vauxhalls are even rarer in Australia than Pontiacs so I don't think that will be an option in that case. That article is great, it will certainly be a great help, thanks for putting it up here.



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Not a bad idea, if possible though I'd like to have parts on hand before I dismantle them, otherwise the car ends up being out of action for weeks or months while parts are sourced and searched for. If I can't buy parts/kits beforehand then I'll certainly be hitting up my local bearing supplier.

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Have you tried an industrial bearing seal supplier? Not a car parts place. Some seals and bearings have not changed much over the last century. If you can get OEM (Timken, etc) part number you are 50% there. Walk in with your parts and ask at the counter

There are many like:-


CBC http://www.conbear.com/

Take your old parts with you as samples along with the entire disassembled unit so that measurements can be taken and cross referenced with the correct bearing or seal especially if OEM numbers aren't evident. Then you can immediately test fit all the pieces to insure that you have the right parts.

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