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Radiator Mascot


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I am looking for a vender or someone else who may have or knows where I could obtain the lower half of a Viking Radiator Mascot (the part which screws onto the radiator neck and the upper half attaches.

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Hi All, Here is my 2 cents worth regarding the 29-31 chevy Accessory Viking Radiator Ornament Cap. First, to 29chevy. At one time Grady Cox carried a reproduction Viking cap. His address is 480 Utah Street, Avery, TX 75554. Phone(903) 684-4172 anytime or fax (903) 684-3819. He might have an extra base. Now the fly in the ointment. I don't know which Viking he reproduced. There are several varieties. I possess three complete units and the top of a fourth. All the bases look the same when closed, but the top caps lock into the bases in a slightly different manner. All three of these are the later style with the external hinge at the rear of the unit. None of these screw onto the the radiator neck but instead fasten to two rods mounted inside the radiator filler neck. I guess to make it harder to steal off the car. The fourth cap, top only, has a three blade latch rather than a two blade latch and I believe it had a concealed hinge. Mine still has a short length of chain attached which I suspect restrained the cap from opening too far and scratching paint on the hood. I have heard stories that the first type cap's hinge was easily damaged and they did not survive rough handling by service station attendants. I have been working with 29-31 Chevys since 1968 and have never seen a complete early style cap. Only one of my ornament caps has a manufacturer's name, STANDT, Connorsville, Ind.<P>------------------<BR><BR>

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