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1941 Chevrolet Master Duluxe Business Coupe

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I just bought a 1941 Chevrolet Business Coupe. It is all stock and has been sitting for several months. I got it running okay, but when I try to put it in gear, it seems that the clutch is not working right. When I push in on the clutch and try to shift in a gear, it acts as though the clutch had not been depressed. I checked the inspection hole to see the pressure plate and thrust bearing and they seem to be operating as normal. Any ideas what to do next? Many thanks to those who answer. The site has been very helpful. Thanks to all.

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Jack up the car remove the dust cover from the bottom of the Bell housing by removing the 4 machine screws holding it on to the bottom of the bell housing. Have some operate the clutch pedal while you see if the disk is indeed frozen to the flywheel or the pressure plate. It could be something as easy an an adjustment. If memory serves me some of the '41s had a vacuum shift assist which may or may not be part of the problem. Good Luck !!

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