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question re 67 and acceleration


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Interesting question. Might get a little chirp at best if starting on a grade depending on tire type and pavement. You'll need to put it in reverse if you want to burn some rubber.

In my teen years I street raced a $275 striped down no option stock 67 with a 3:07 and often won. My success was very high when starting from a rolling start but would go from a dead stop when needed still with good success. I'll never forget the humiliation inflicted when guys with so called muscle cars got beat by a Riviera from a dead stop. I could never spin the tires from a stop on the level but that only slows you down anyway.

You'll want to make 100% sure the switch pitch is working properly in the converter as that is critical in getting the big boat moving quickly....but still won't spin the tires if everything is right on in stock form.

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I'm glad you said that Jason because a few guys were telling me " yea, I had one back in the day and I burned rubber all day long..". I didn't think it was possible , and anyway I've always been a little scared to rev it up with my foot on the brakes; can't be good for the trans, or u-joints.

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