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It's in Evanston, WY, a few miles from the UT border. I worked on a construction project there for 7 months. Maybe the truck comes with 5 acres of that nice land in the background, on the edge of the Uinta Mountains...or it's full of something that's more valuable than the stovebolt 6 engine and the wood bed that seems to be "looking out for better weather", as they say.

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Shoot, that truck is a bargain.

I worked with a guy who has a 38 Ford flatbed. It's the only one in the world. Jay Leno calls him once a month and offers him 150K for it. He refuses, since it is worth 250K, minimum. Oh yeah, Ford has offered him 150K and any new pickup he wants but, again, he won't budge.

He's nobody's fool.

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