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CHECK your enclosed trailer roof - leaks can result from screws backing out ...

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Common practice for manufacturers of enclosed trailers to fasten the thin sheets of wood installed on the top of the steel frame

and under the roof metal with sheet metal screws ....

Over time these screws loosen and back out - the result can be the roof metal coming into contact

and tearing apart - these images are from my trailer roof taken yesterday.


I remove the screw - push down the metal & caulk with a good quality silicone product ...

Check your roof .....




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My trailer from Arizing Ind. in GA does not have screws in the roof.

I did have to pull the top aluminum trim loose to weld in the header for the escape door, and I did find screws under it securing the roof panel along the side.post-70733-143142830883_thumb.jpg

Mike in Colorado

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