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Car show yesterday

Barney Eaton

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I attended an open car show yesterday in downtown Taylor TX. The show was sponsored by the city and they got a lot of help from a local restoration shop.

I drove the white 91 convertible and no sooner had I parked than a couple gathered around saying they had 2. The woman had purchased a 1988 new and still has it, she then purchased another 88 as a parts car. She wants to sell but could not get a straight price out of her. When I ask the mileage, she said the "new" motor now has 50K on it so I am guessing the car must have at least 150K. Lots of traffic looking at the cars and supprising how many people knew about the Reatta. One fellow said he is looking for a Reatta. I gave him this sites Buy/sell address

Yes I was the only Reatta there and the only other Buick was a 1937 4 door street rod.

Here is link to the restoration shop web site, If you are a British car guy you will like the gallery http://www.jeffsresurrections.com/

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