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Motorcycle 1910-1920

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Dave Minerva has a very nice Flying Merkel for sale. If you check "George's Motorcycle " website he has it listed there. Another chap to contact is Vince Martinico.He is the original American picker. He always has a selection of great stuff and is a trader. He also advertises on George's site ( look for "bigyellowtaxi" email) and has run ads here as well. And speaking of Pierce Arrows I believe he had a nice original Pierce truck that was used by a California radio station advertised on this site a few years ago. Dale Walksler, Wheels Thru Time Museum, Magi Valley N.C. knows where a lot of bikes are and sells and trades from time to time. He likes cars and has some classics in his museum so that may open up possibilities as well. Keep your eye on George's site as there appear to be a lot of sellers there who avoid Ebay.

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