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1940 ford vin #


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Hey Everyone.<P>I just finished building my 1940 for tudor deluxe sedan and am having great trouble registering as such. When I origionally bought the shell and spoke with the dmv they informed me I'd have to register it as a kit car seeing as the vin tag was missing, which I did. They have now introduced emmisions testing here and I have to take it in for a test, which I failed misserably. I spoke with someone at the Automotive Restorers Guild who told me that if I could get an origional vin number and add a few numbers to the end it would be untracable and then I'd be able to register it as a 1940 ford with no problems. Don't worry, the car is heavily modified and I'm not trying to pawn it off as origional. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.

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