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Judging credits

Joe Block

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Is possible to get a list of the meet we judged at. WHo would I contract. i trying to put all my pin on the award plat I received at Montana,

I think i missing two year 2010 and 2013 Hershey. I have 13 credit chips, but I know I have at least 15, i like to get the 25 year pin this if it numerically feasible..


i know you can get only one CJE credit per year, and two in milestone year. How many Judging school credit are allowed per year, is one only also.

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Guest Mark McAlpine

Hello Packards42,

I apologize if I'm providing you info you have already received, but I only see one response posted to your questions and that is the info about Vicki Bolton maintaining the judging records.

First, the info about Vicki was correct when it was posted in November, but since then she has handed off that responsibility to Dollie Flechler. (Thanks for all your hard work, Vicki! And thank you Dollie for taking it on! Our club wouldn't be able to function well without the dedicated efforts of people like you.)

Reference obtaining replacement chits, if you're looking to replace the generic brass judging school or CJE chits, Dollie can probably help you with that. (You might need to talk to John LaBar for the CJE chits.) For the Hershey chits, I'd recommend contacting the Hershey Region since those are special chits that they provide (not National HQs). If the Hershey Region has any extra chits remaining, you will probably need to provide them some documentation that you judged at those meets. (Dollie can probably help you with that, too.) In both cases, I recommend being patient after contacting Dollie--she'll probably respond to your e-mail quickly, but it may take some time to check your records especially since she's preparing for the annual meeting in Philadelphia next month.

Finally, to answer your question about how many judging school credits you can receive per year, the answer is only one. If you have other questions about how to earn judging credits, I recommend you look at Section 2 in the Official Judging Guidelines. (It's available on the AACA website under "Publications" if you've misplaced your copy.) A new edition will be released this year, but I haven't heard anything about any changes being made to the processes of how judging credits can be earned, so the 2014 edition should have all the info you need. If you still have questions, either post your question here in the forum again (but be patient for an answer) or contact AACA National HQs, contact Dollie, or ask an experienced judge in your local region.

Thanks for being a judge! The club can always use more good judges (plus I think it helps each of us look at our own vehicles more critically and objectively). I hope you enjoy judging as much as my wife and I do, and I look forward to meeting you at a future meet.

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