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Hello from 1981 Riviera owner in Russia!


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Hello friends!

My name is Alex and i am Riviera owner which is in process of restoration in Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

I had luck to buy 1981 Riviera (cause its really a huge problem to buy old American car with legal documents in Russia) and now in stage to find missing parts for it. I will appreciate if you help me with questions i have.

My regards.....



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Nice! I had a '85 for a daily driver one year. That winter felt kind of like Russia, and the Riv traipsed through a foot of snow like it wasn't there.

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Thanks for meeting me here!

I have done a lot with the car since i bought it (february 2014). I have a personal blog where i post everything i have done but its in Russian. If u are interested u can go here: http://www.drive2.ru/r/buick/747683/

Can u advise me any US popular resourses where i can start my personal blog about my car as i want people who deals with such cars and restoration help me?

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