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Brake Drums for 1925 std 6

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Hi all.

The rear brake drums on my 1925 std 6 Touring ( rear wheel brake only ) have worn and now have a concave shape in the braking area of the drum. Any ideas on how to repair these or where to get some replacement drums? I am in Australia.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dave Pink.

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Hi Dave.

there is a bloke down in Tassie that had listed a 1925 std 6 (in a 1000 pieces) for sale on Gumtree for last 8 weeks.

It stopped being listed about 2 weeks ago, if he sold it that person might part some of it. I tried to get bits off him but he didn't want to do that.

It's a long shot, but hopefully you might get a useable pair through contacting him, about where the car went to.

His name is John Gaunt and email is gaunt@activ8.net.au

I have a 1925 EPK Coupe and I'm looking for window winder mechanisms x 4 (little pot metal gear drive units)

I hope this info leads to something for you,

regards Roger McDonnell

0413 770 910


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