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Radiator, 1928 Chrysler model 65 wanted

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Adrad National Radiators in Walls Rd Penrose , Auckland , NZ can recore these with the correct type of core.I have had two early radiators recored by them sucessfully. Second hand radiators of this era are usually totally blocked and cannot be cleaned out.

Thanks stephen48. Approximate cost ?

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Thanks for the advice. To be clear, are you saying that to add a modern style aluminium core in a rebuild instead of copper honeycomb is a bad decision. I ask because I had a quote of 3k for honeycomb or 1.7k for cellular? Advice please.

They had samples of the cores when I saw them. Chrysler 65 originally had cellular radiators so if you are doing a serious quality restoration I would recommend a cellular core. The radiator is very visble in Chrysler 65 as there are no shutters or grille bars so a modern core will not look right.

There are actually a lot of Chrysler 65's surviving in NZ.

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