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There is a 1969 Chevrolet Biscayne currently listed on ebay... right now it's around the $11 K mark....owner states all original and it looks it. I have '69 Impalas, but the Biscaynes and Bel Airs are unique since the production numbers are less and you just don't see them around that much. I have to say, there's a cool factor of a "Plain Jane" car like this !

What are you thoughts about the price and if it's worth restoring or leaving as is.


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I think this is the car he is speaking of. As far what its price goes, there is no price guide on the Biscayne, too rare. The price for a 1969 Impala hardtop coupe with a 327 is given as $11,266. This by Hagerty Classic Car Price Guide. I would not restore it. A car is only original once.


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Hey Steve,

Car looks fairly priced to me, its all there looks solid, the door panels are in good shape (costly to have them done) I know from doing my 62 Biscayne there are some parts that are just unique to that body style and model and are next to impossible to find. The hardest parts I had to find was the rocker mouldings, every one I found was smashed flat from people kicking their feet against it to get the snow off their shoes. Window regulstors and a lot of the hardware is unique to the two door sedans, but good luck trying to find a Pontiac, Buick or Olds two door sedan as a donor. They are rare! and even rarer with a V-8 and an automatic.

Does not look like it will be a real expensive restoration to do, rot is at a minumum, car is complete, and it runs! I wish my 62 Biscayne was as good as this car is.

If you are looking for a Biscayne project there are not many left to choose from, I think the car is in the right price range

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