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Misc Buick Hupcaps 14 and 15 inch 1960's and 1970's


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Individual Buick caps $15 each (I have Skylark, Regal, Electra, Riveria etc)

Sets of Buick caps $50 each (LeSabre, Regal, Riveria etc)

For Pontiac I have both 14 in and 15 in singles and sets for same years.

Came a cross a supply of good used Buick and Pontiac caps from a yard that is closing soon. They were stashed away in a wagon out of the weather and retain their black painted areas, have nice center discs and the stainless is nice. Not all curb rashed either.

PM me and send or send a pic of the style you need and I will see if I have them if you need better singles. If you need a set send me an example and I will see what I have. Shipping will be the actual cost to buyer location.

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