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Starter issue - AGAIN!!!!!!!

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I bought a 47 T & C. It came with a starter that I just had totally rebuilt.

I installed the starter and put a battery in.

When I turn the key on I get the "click" at the relay on the inner fender - good.

But when I press the starter button - NOTHING

If I have the headlights on and hit the button - headlights do not get dimmer.

I traced all the power and I have juice to the battery terminal on the starter.

When I turn the key on I get juice to the amp gauge and the one side of the button. When I push the starter button

I get juice to the other side of the button, juice to both small posts on the starter but NOTHING out of the starter.

Do you think it's aground issue or bad starter?????


Thanks, Joe

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To "Hot Wire" quickly test the starter...

There are two small wire stud terminals at the top of the solenoid. Leave all the wires all attached.

Ground the top inner terminal to the block.

Using another jumper wire that is a hot 6 volt jumper touch it to the top outer terminal.....or connect that wire to the lower hot battery cable on the starter solenoid.......the starter should imediately start cranking over.

Do this and see what happens. The relay click is the M5 trans relay- thats normal to click as the key is turned on as you probably know. Good cables and starter ground is really important too.


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I got the starter to spin but not engage - 1 small step forward.

I ran a wire from the generator armature to the solenoid and that is what got the starter to spin through the starter button. If I remove that wire I get the NOTHING issue. So other than engaging everything else is working.

With the wire connected I jumped the solenoid but it only spun - did not engage.

One other thing. There should be a ground wire to the casing of the generator which this car is missing. The problem is that someone before me did a little "rewiring" so I am trying to fix someone elses work. Do you know where that ground wire goes to from the generator?

Thanks for the picture, too.

Thanks, Joe

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What terminal on the starter did you hook the wire from the Generator armature terminal to? Does your starter still have the original style solenoid like c49er has pictured? Provided you still have the original 4-post style solenoid like pictured above, I would do the following:

If your wiring has been messed with, I would dis-connect the wires going to the the two little terminals on the solenoid. After that, basically do exactly what c49er said to do. Hook a wire from the small inside (near the block) terminal on the solenoid to the block somewhere (ground). Using a jumper, hook one end of the jumper to the large battery cable coming to the starter, then touch the other end to the other small terminal on the solenoid. It should engage and start cranking immediately as soon as you touch it. If not, you still have a starter problem or your starter is not grounded. Even with a bad ground, you should still hear the relay inside the solenoid click. Good luck and feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


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Yes it has the 4 post solenoid. I hooked the wire from the armature to the small top terminal closest to the engine block.

Okay. I did the test as mentioned above.

The starter "spins" but does not engage the flywheel. So I am going to yank it out again and bring it back to the rebuilder

Thanks for the help guys. I kinda thought I was having a problem with the starter but did not want to believe it for 2 reasons:

1 - I just had it rebuilt and the guy knows his stuff

2 - I did not want to have to pull it out again. It's a pain to do.


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Guest buickkuhn

When my dad bought his original 48 Plymouth , this was the problem the old owners were having with it . Turned out to be a POSITIVE GROUND vehicle and they had all the wires backwards along with the solenoid on the fender need to be grounded too . Maybe this will help .

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I figured out why I was not getting any juice thru the starter. I needed to ground the top left terminal. It seems that whoever "worked/fixed" the wiring left the ground wire off of the generator.

I took the starter back to the rebuilder and he is going to recheck it.

I had an extra starter so I threw that in today. It has a drive/gear problem but it was engaging. Now I find out the car motor is "tight" and not rotating. Time to start soaking the cylinders.

What have you guys found to be the best "formula/mixture" for soaking a locked up motor?

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There is no separate ground wire for the chrysler generator. Just clean metal of the generator casing to block.

The top left solenoid wire terminal is actually grounded through the GENERATOR brushes and armature when starting the engine.

Once the engine starts and the generator starts charging the ARM terminal has 6V. voltage and will prevent the solenoid from operating when the generator is charging.

All this to prevent the starter from engaging the flywheel ect. while the engine is running.


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A man I know restores old tractors. He puts them on a trailer and lets the chains a little loose and the tractor in gear after he puts oil in the cylinders (WD40 for example ) Then, he takes a drive on back roads. The tractors try to move forwards & backwards and he has good luck with getting the pistons to move. I've never done this but he has a lot of experience working on these old engines.

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