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LeBaron Bonney fabric numbers 1930 Pres. FE

Guest stumax

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I’m down to the top and upholstery on my 1930 President FE restoration. I have been looking around for Mohair and the 65 inch top material need for the car. Everyone is pointing me to LeBaron Bonney and I contacted them in the past and had even more questions than answers. With several colors to choice from, can anyone give me the correct Mohair color or code for LeBaron Bonney so that I will be ordering the correct color and style? I also appreciate knowing the correct top material part number, headliner and carpet part number or codes from LeBaron Bonney for the car. My original upholstery is in very bad shape and the color is so faded and rotten, it is hard to tell much about it. If you know about how much fabric it will take of each that will help to so that I will order enough to complete the job and all will match. Here is a picture taken yesterday of the car. Thanks for your help.


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I would first look for an undisturbed and unfaded piece of fabric, under a seat, inside a seam, anywhere the sun didn't fade it. Hopefully that would give you a clue about pattern and color.

A good choice for a maroon car is a grayish fabric, with or without stripe. The stripe adds a little more adventure for the trimmer, of course, to make sure seams match stripe and so on.

For headliner, you'll need length from header to rear "bow" in car, add 2 inches per crossbar (to make seams and to sew hanging tail on). For that long of a car you'll probably néed at least 4 yards of headliner material, it should be a solid color that matches seat fabric but is lighter in weight. Sometimes this same fabric is used for interior panels above belt line, and you'd need to measure and add for that.

Your trimmer would have to measure for seats and all panels, you probably would want to have 8 yards for front and rear seat (that should cover back of front seat too), 2 yards for jump seats if there, 2 yards or so for rear armrests, 4 yards for door and kick panels.so, rough number, at least 14 yards total. You might have a little left over but that's not a bad thing.

These are rough numbers from far away, but you asked!

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