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What carburetor is this

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I've been carrying around this carburetor for over 10 years. I am wanting to get away from my teapot holley 4100 carburetor and don't know if this is a possibility. On one side is #7003 and 33101 and on the other side is #5271 and 33101. Can anyone tell me what this is and would this be a carburetor I could use on a 292 or should I see if I can sell it? Thanks







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That's a Holley 4150. It's potentially a good carburetor but probably not for your car. You would need to make quite a few modifications to make it work for you. It also looks like it's missing the choke assembly. By the time you get everything you need to swap your Holley 4000 to something else you may end up spending more than it might take to properly rebuild your original carburetor.

You can also join here: http://forums.y-blocksforever.com/default.aspx. There's a lot of advice you can find for your car.

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