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67 riv bumpers


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When buying used bumpers for the 66-67, you either have to buy from a very trusted source, NOS, or actually see the bumper mounted on the car. Often these bumpers get tweaked by the slightest bump in the center which causes a less than desirable fit at the corners as well as being slightly pushed up in center. This defect is nearly impossible to detect visually unless its mounted on the car. Of course they can be straightened by a competent shop but you end up paying more for something you bought thinking it was turn key.

You may want to place a wanted ad in the Riview. They do turn up occasionally but are difficult to find in the condition you are seeking. Chroming alone has become so expensive that if you found an NOS or excellent used bumper I'd be prepared to pay handsomely for it. A while back I think Riviera Bob Stemm had an NOS front or rear bumper so you may want to check with him.

May the Force Be With You

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