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TC 4 gang power window switch


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I am wondering, Do you need the whole bracket with 4 window switches with one switch for the door lock or is just one of the switches bad. The button switches are common from other dodge/Chrysler cars from that age group. I have had a single switch go bad in the past. I have plenty of extra switches if you want one.


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Hi Larry, I pulled the woodgrain window switch surround out of the door panel. The window switch has four black push button switches in a rectangular black plastic housing. The door lock switch is a separate single switch located sideways next to the window switch, but is not part of the window switch. The window switch is held in place by two small screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. All the window switches work except the upper left switch for the drivers window. The switch works to put the window down, but not up. After some playing with the switch I was able to get the window to go up. It appears the trouble is in the switch contacts. The wiring and switch pins holding it to the connector appear good.

I would like to find a replacement switch assembly, if possible.

If you have a replacement for this four button switch, let me know.



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from the 1990 part book these are all the switches listed so 4373228 is correct:

4373 814 Back-Up Lamp, 2.2 Eng. (Manual)

C 4373 037 Door Pillar

D 4373 399 E.B.L., (Heated Rear Window)

E 4221 170 Glove Box Lamp

F 4373 087 Deck Lid Release, Remote

G 4373 751 Headlamp, Inst. Lp., Dome Lamp (Insul. 4527299)

J 4373 344 Turn Signal & Hazard Warning, w/Tilt

K 4373 726 Windshield Wiper, w/Intermittent, w/Tilt

N 4221 574 Door Ajar, Frt. Ind. Lamp

Q 4373 127 Dual Remote Mirrors, Use Knob 4373120

R 4373 077 Window Lift, 2 Gang

4373 228 Window Lift, 4 Gang

4373 071 Window Lift, Rt.

S 4373 678 Illum. Entry

4373 196 Console Compartment Lamp

4373 196 Trunk Lamp

4373 354 Door Lock

T 4221 983 Seat Adjuster

5233 396 Oil Pressure, Turbo

4373 678 Deck Lid Security Alarm

4463 357 Anti-Lock Brake Motor

4463 356 Anti-Lock Brake Auxilary

4464 005 ABS Pressure Warning

4373 836-7 Security Alarm Disarm

4373 736 Speed Control (Horn Pad)

4221 463 Parking Brake

4373 071 Convertable Top Pwr. Pull Down

4373 071 Tonneau Cover

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Hi everyone, I need the window switch on the drivers door. Chrysler part number 4373228.

I can't seem to locate the 4 button switch for my '90 TC. Does anyone have a good used one for sale?

Contact me in this form or at rmtroutman@gmail.com.

One on Ebay:


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Hi Bob, Thanks for the info on the used 4 gang window switch on Ebay; however, I think I've found a better solution.

RockAuto has a new replacement 4 gang switch, Chrysler part no. 4373219, made by Standard Motor Products, for $87.97.

It fits the '89 New Yorker and has the chrome buttons, but otherwise appears to be an exact match. The buttons

are part of the switch case and not the actual switch mechanism, so they can easily be exchanged. At least a new

switch, hopefully, will last another 25 years.

Thanks again for your help.


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4373219 is a 5 button switch for the 1988-93 C,Y bodies

4373 081 1 C H-P Window Lift, 5-Gang (Black) Lt. (Insul. 4419581)

4565 212 1 Y P Window Lift, 5 Gang (Chrome) (Insul. 4419581)

4373 219 1 C-Y S Window Lift, Door, 5-Gang (Chrome) (Insul. 4419581)

4373 633 1 C-Y S Window Lift, Frt. Bright, Rt.

4373 633 1 C-Y S Door Lock, Bright

4373 633 1 C-Y S Window Lift, Bright, Rear

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Success! I tried the advice of BobFitz and ordered some contact cleaner. I used it on the 4 gang master power window

switch in my '90 TC and it worked like a charm. Full function of the switch was restored! Much cheaper solution than replacing the switch, if you can even find one.

The cleaner I ordered was Hosa D5S-6 Deoxit Contact Cleaner Spray. The cheapest I found, was from zZounds.com. Item number HOS D5S-6.

Less than $15.00 for a 5 oz. spray can plus $1.99 shipping. So... don't replace it, clean it!

Thanks for all the great advice from everyone.


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