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1953 Dodge Coronet Convertible Upholstery Needed

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Would anyone know of a possible source for black & gray striped cloth upholstery for my car, which would be the same for any similarly colored 53 Dodge Coronet? The original 61 year old seat material on my survivor finally let go, thanks to a mechanic wearing a Carhart jacket. I know there are (were) a few stockpiles of NOS material around, but can't track any down now. Will post a couple photos soon, as the website seems to be resisting attachments right now. Thanks for any leads.

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Thanks for the lead, Commodore. SMS was able to provide enough for part of the front seat. Anyone else know of another supplier for classic car upholstery? Am still unable to post photos of the upholstery. Anyone else have this problem?

I am not having any trouble at all posting photos and if you would like for me to post them here, send them to me. John


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SMS Auto Fabrics is the foremost supplier,

though there certainly are others. (I don't know

the names of other suppliers.)

I believe SMS can custom-make any fabric

you need. You might ask them.

Doug from SMS bought out many of the old looms years ago to make his own fabric. I know he reproduced the Metropolitan fabrics.

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