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does this hood fit 1930 Buick ?

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I posted this question in the "What is it?" forum and received no responses.

This hood upper panel has a crease that looks almost identical to 1930 Buick, but the area surrounding the louvers on the side panels is raised, and all photos I could find of Buick or Marquette has flat side panels. Plus another unusual feature is there is no seam at the front / rear edges- usually the sheetmetal on a hood is folded 1/4 inch along the sheared edges to add stiffness and reduce paint chipping. Perhaps is was a Buick hood that was modified or shortened with replacement side panels ? or was there another make of car that has a nearly identical crease in the hood upper panels ? length is 33 1/4" center top. attached is a photo of a series 30 phaeton with L&H which clearly shows the creased hood of 1930 Buick




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Take a look at this picture, you'll see it's not a match


I had a '30 Buick, series 40, for many years. (years ago). I'm sticking with the thought that the hood is from a '30 Buick. I don't have any idea what the length was with the 6 cylinder motor of 1930, but the '31, (straight 8) would be a trifle longer?
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